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Lifelong POS

Lifelong POS: The Heart of Business Payments Lifelong Merchant Services proudly presents its very own, Lifelong POS system, built especially for stores with multiple locations. Designed with features like a loyalty points system to boost customer retention, it also offers alternative payment solutions for versatile transactions and high risk merchant processing. Using our secure payment gateway coupled with our top-notch support, it ensures a secure payment gateway every time. This system is trusted by businesses, big and small, throughout the country.

All the POS Features You Need.

Using our Innovative POS for high risk and other markets, get pinpoint accuracy on your costs, sales, inventory, and more. Dive deep into customer and employee data with our easy-to-understand, customizable reports. Our Comprehensive Vape POS Services ensure you stay ahead in your business, managing every detail effortlessly. Make informed decisions, optimize stock, and connect better with customers, all in one place.

Keep a close eye on your inventory with our efficient system. Track products and supply with ease. Know exactly when it’s time to reorder. Ensure you never run out of essentials. Simplify stock management and optimize your business operations. Stay prepared and proactive with our tools.

Manage your warehouse like a pro with our tools. Easily track purchases from suppliers. Use our special purchase order features for smoother fulfillment. Ensure timely stocking and optimized operations. With our system, you’re always a step ahead in warehouse handling.

Harness the power of detailed insights to maximize employee productivity. With our system, you can easily track and evaluate hours worked. Organize schedules more efficiently, ensuring peak performance. Stay informed, motivate your team, and optimize your business operations. Our tools make managing your staff both intuitive and impactful.

Effortlessly oversee multiple locations from a single platform. Our system offers a centralized hub for all your sales and inventory data. Whether you have two stores or twenty, get a consolidated view with ease. Make informed decisions based on real-time insights. Streamline operations and ensure consistency across all branches. Experience the future of seamless multi-location management.

Elevate customer loyalty with our fully customizable program. Tailor rewards to match your brand and customers’ preferences. Seamlessly integrated with MailChimp, reaching out becomes a breeze. Use outbound messages to keep your patrons engaged and returning. With our customer retention program, build lasting relationships and watch your business thrive. Every interaction becomes a step toward stronger loyalty.

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Payment Gateways for any Transaction Types.

Charge Anytime, Anywhere

Virtual Terminal is perfect for any business. Use your own computer or phone to take payments whenever you need to. Take control of when you receive payments.

Customer Vault

Save customer contact information and payment methods on file in a secure vault. You’ll have access to charge customers when you need.

Recurring Billings

Create and manage recurring, or subscription-based transactions. Bill your customers automatically. Schedule weekly, monthly, or yearly payments.


Tokenization allows card data to be securely stored, facilitating a more streamlined purchasing experience.

Multi-User Control

Provides the ability to set up users within your organization to have their own login coupled with different rights and visibility.

Account Updater

Automatically update card data. Customer card data getting updated without customer engagement improves both the user experience and continuity of business.