Finding the Best Credit Card Machine for Business

best credit card machine for business

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It can be challenging to find the best credit card machine for business as it is. Throw in businesses with more legally complex parameters, and those challenges grow. Take, for example, vape and smoke shops. The legality of these products—and how you can sell them—varies from state to state. Selling specific products may be perfectly legal, but it’s important that you sell them in a specific way. That’s why learning about different types of POS systems is so important.

You need precise records, especially when you’re running a business that can be more prone to audits and inspections than others. With that being said, the best payment processing system for more “sensitive” business types usually functions equally well for many other types of companies. That’s why it’s so important for you to know your options before you select a credit card terminal.

Let’s Cover What Point of Sale Transaction Means

Let’s make sure you’re completely certain about what defines POS transactions before you explore these systems any further. To review:

  • A point of sale transaction is simply a transaction that happens at the initial point wherein the customer makes a purchase at a business.
  • When someone buys something from you, they’re making that point of sale transaction.
  •  What you’re looking for when you seek out an all-in-one POS solution is a means through which you facilitate transactions like these.

Without a POS system, you won’t have the means to transfer funds from the customer’s account to yours. So yes, it’s pretty important! While in the past simpler POS systems may have worked, now the best credit card machine for business needs to cover new means of payment processing.

(Almost) Everyone Uses POS Systems

If you want your business to expand and maximize its reach, you must use a POS system. Even small businesses need POS systems. Keep in mind—lots of people don’t even use cash anymore. Not only do POS systems ensure that you can collect payment; they also ensure that you’re recording the payments properly. As a business owner, you can’t undervalue the importance of accurate financial records.

When you work with a company that matches you to the right POS system, you can rest assured that you’re receiving payments and recording that initial transaction. In fact, the right service provider can offer advice and support along the way. You making the most informed decision possible when choosing a POS system is crucial.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Credit Card Machine for Business

Still have some questions as you seek out the best credit card machine for business? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Below are some of the most common questions that might pop up as you look for the right machine.

How much does it cost a business to use a card machine?

It’s difficult to give an exact quote when considering a point of sale register. This is in part because you aren’t just buying a machine—you’re also buying software. The machine components cover the terminal itself, as well as the credit card machine, the barcode scanner, and the receipt printer. Even if that seems fairly straightforward, the software isn’t.

Different businesses need different types of POS systems, and while these systems aren’t exactly “customized” they also aren’t one size fits all. Therefore, we can’t quite give an exact quote until we know more about your business. As we mentioned earlier, every business, regardless of its legal standing within its state, needs a POS system. Finding the best credit card machine for business purposes needs to happen first—then we can look into pricing.

When you consider Lifelong Merchant Services, we offer free case studies for a reason. We want you to be able to understand exactly what we can do for you before you commit. Not only does this leave you more informed in general—it also helps you understand the value.

What is the best credit card machine for business?

As you consider the best credit card machine for business purposes, you’ll discover that some systems go beyond simply processing a payment. You may want to offer your customers more options than simply swiping a card. After all, in this day and age many consumers prefer to use digital cards stored in their iPhone wallets. Additionally, you may want to accommodate sales beyond a traditional brick-and-mortar storefront with a mobile credit card machine. We can go far beyond Square.

You want versatility as a business owner, as well as convenience—not just for you, but for your customers. Remember: the easier you make it for your customers to pay you, the more you can sell in the long term. Simply ensuring that you have an up-to-date touch screen or phone credit card swiper can make a big difference towards your bottom line.

Does Merchant Services LLC only work with smoke and vape shops?

Absolutely not! While we offer unique expertise regarding this sector, our services extend to a variety of different businesses. If you need a POS system or guidance on the best credit card machine for business, we’re here. We can help!

The best way to start? Schedule a demo with Lifelong Merchant Services. Give us a call at (678)-201-0911—a demo can answer a lot of your questions. We’re ready to show you the benefits of our POS system, and how we can help you not only process payments, but maximize your revenue.

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