Lifelong’s 6 Amazing Features for Vape POS Software

vape POS software

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Do you own a vape shop and need vape pos software to ensure you capture all your sales securely? Then, our expert team and unique point-of-sale (POS) software at Lifelong Merchant Services is for you!

We offer not just a POS system but payment solutions for versatile transactions and high risk merchant processing. At Lifelong, we specialize in POS software for any vape shop and even smoke shops.

Our goal is always to help your business grow to its fullest potential and constantly increase sales. One way to do that is having a point-of-sales program that goes above and beyond like ours. Read more in our blog below on all the benefits of our system.

Ready to sign up or want to ask us more questions? Simply call us at (678) 201-0911 and we are happy to help. Otherwise, read on below for more information about Lifelong POS and our solutions for your business.

Six Lifelong POS Features Your Business Will Love

We are happy to share that we have six amazing features with our all-in-one POS systems that will benefit your vape shop.

1. Reporting & Accounting

Unless you are one of those rare people that love math and numbers, then handling sales reports and accounting often feels like a nightmare. Luckily, our system provides in-depth reports on costs, sales, inventory, and more.

2. Inventory Management

Like math and numbers, inventory is another one of those dreaded tasks as a business owner. However, our POS system makes tracking inventory a breeze.

3. Warehouse Management

Lifelong POS is an operations manager’s dream. It makes it easy to track purchases from suppliers and organize purchase orders.

4. Employee Management

As a small business owner you have to wear multiple hats, including HR. Don’t feel like scheduling has to be a headache. Our system provides all you need for easy scheduling, maximizing employee productivity, tracking hours, and more.

5. Multi-Location Features

Own more than one vape shop? Don’t let that make you feel like payment processors will be a hassle. Our program lets you manage multiple locations all from one screen!

6. Loyalty Program

According to, returning customers spend 67 percent more than new customers! That means it is vital to keep them coming back. One way to do that is through a great loyalty program. Thankfully, our POS system has an excellent customer retention program.

Frequently Asked Questions on Vape POS Software

Still wondering about vape POS software and ways Lifelong Merchant Services will help your business? Then, read on in our FAQ section below. Or simply call us at (678) 201-0911 to ask us any of your other questions. We are here to help your business thrive!

How Do I Build an Online Vape Shop?

First, you’ll need a great e-commerce website for people to view products and ultimately purchase them. You’ll also need secure and dependable payment processors that accept credit cards online. Both of these are tasks Lifelong has experience in!

What is the Reward System for Vape Shops?

In order to retain repeat customers you need to set up a great loyalty program. For vape shops, it can get complicated since many loyalty providers as well as POS system businesses cut ties with these types of businesses. However, at Lifelong we not only help vape shops set up loyalty programs but help you through every step of the process.

How Much Does a POS System Cost?

We provide custom pricing since each business has its own unique needs. Therefore, we do not have a set answer for the question above. However, once we talk through your needs and what you are looking for in a POS System we will provide you with a custom quote. Also, unlike other POS system providers we never charge application fees!

Does Lifelong Offer Marketing Services?

Yes, we are more than just POS systems! We offer multiple digital marketing services packages to help our client’s businesses reach their full potential.

Some of these digital marketing services include:

  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media
  • Mass Emails
  • Websites

Our goal is always to be a partner with each and every client. Nothing is more important to us than providing our clients with the best customer service.

Why Should I Choose Lifelong for my POS Needs?

We live by and stand up to our motto, “Solutions Built With You in Mind!” We only want what is best for our clients. Therefore, we always put you and your business first. You’ll never feel like a number with us. Our commitment to you is clear from that first phone call or email inquiry to ongoing maintenance support. Plus, we also want to help you find the best POS software for your business.

When You Select Lifelong Merchant Services You Choose a Partner Committed to Growing Your Vape Shop

Ready to get some of the best vape pos software in the industry? Then, call us now at (678) 201-0911 to discuss your point-of-sale needs. Not ready to pick up the phone? No worries. All you need to do is complete our simple contact form.

Need a touch screen for the credit card terminals in your stores? Or need help building a dynamic loyalty program for your vape shop? Lifelong is here to help!

Looking for more help on running a vape or smoke shop or POS systems for this industry? Head over and like us on Facebook and Instagram for tons of regular POS and marketing tips.

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